Data Science Course with R Programming

Data Science and Data Analytics using R Programming Language

R Programming has gradually become one of the most popular languages used by a huge number of Data Science Professionals all over the world. It is also very prominent on the checklist of the Gartner Magic Quadrant of Advanced Analytics. Trends and surveys depict that R is used by almost 70% of data miners and is growing at a growth rate faster than any other data science language. R Programming has an easy-to-use syntax and interface that makes it favourite of every programmer, data analyst, statistician, and marketers. Learn R programming and gain knowledge on how to Extract, Analyse, and Present Data. Further, Data science course with R programming and statistics will make your career strong in Statistical Computing, Data Analytics, Business Reporting & Intelligence.

Learn "R Programming" & get the many Jobs available in the market

As far as market is concerned, there are so many jobs for Data Science using R Programming. A huge number of companies use R programming as a tool for data analytics and data management. It has many advantages over its rival Python. However R beats Python inside out and dominate the world of Data Analytics only because you can use complex formulas with ease. Python is not extensively used also because Statisticians, Engineers & Scintists without Computer Programming Skills find it easy to use R.
Many sectors such as Banking, Real Estate, Media & Newspaper, Aerospace & Flight Aviation Industry, Social Networking sites, & Stock market Exchange rely on R programming. That is the reason why there is a huge scope of job opportunities in R-Programming. Average Salary in N.America for R Programming Professionals starts in the range of $110,000 to $125,000.

What will you learn in the R Programming Training Course?

In this data science course, you will learn to perform basic commands in the Programming Language, along with Statistical understanding of Data.
You will also learn about various kinds of Distributions(Linear, Multiple,etc) and how it is useful in Data Interpretation, Data Visualization, Data Analysis, and in Programming in general.
You will learn about how R in Data Science will help you in making effective business decisions.

Reasons Why Ad2brand gives the Best Data Science Training Using R Programming Language in Pune:

  • 100% Hands-On Training sessions with practical examples
  • Live Projects with 6 POCs, 10 Mini Projects, 100+ Assignments & Exercises
  • IIM Trainer with 10+ Years of Data Science & heading a division in Banking company.
  • Placement Opportunities and Career Enhancement Programs
  • Who should opt (Eligibility) for the Data Analysis training with R Programming ?

  • Everyone having interest in Probablity, Statistics & Data Science
  • Professionals & team leaders working into Data Analytic field
  • Web Developers and Hadoop professionals who work with humongous data & want to move towards Analytics
  • Management Students pursuing Strategic Positions in organizations in Marketing, Business Decision & Strategic Planning
  • Graduate , Post Graduate and Engineer Students who are interested in aligning their careers in Data Science in IT/ITES Industry
  • CA, CFA's, CS
  • Prerequisites to learn Data Science Course with R

  • Basic understanding of Statistics & Probablity
  • Interest in Statistical Programming
  • No prior knowledge of any programming is mandatory however it might be of some help.
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  • Introduction to Data Science and Statistics

    Introduction to Data Analytics, Data Types and Data Models Study of Business Applications Business Analytics Types Statistics Basics – central tendencies, distributions, f-test, central limit theorem, anova Regression Hypothesis Testing Clustering and K-means Market Basket Analysis Classification and Decision Trees Time-series Analysis

  • Data Analytics using Excel

    MS Excel Introduction
    Data formatting and security options
    Excel cheat sheet of shortcuts
    Excel formulaes and functions
    Filters, validations, grouping and other data handling techniques
    vlookup, pivot and other advanced functions
    Data analysis, simulation, scenarios, locking, sharing and tracking
    Charting and Dashboarding

  • R Essentials

    History & Evolution of R
    R – Features
    R Environment Setup and installation in multiple OS
    Local environment set up
    Understanding R Basic Syntax and operations like constants, expressions, function calls, symbols, data structures, sub-setting and more
    Defining R command prompt
    What is R script file?
    Analysing Operations and Programs

  • R Data Structures, Data Types & Variables

    Studying Vectors
    Defining Factors
    Defining Lists, Data frames, Matrixes and arrays
    Understanding R variables
    Data type of variable
    Finding variable & Deleting variable
    Explore numeric variables
    Exploring relationship between variables
    Learning of algorithms
    Learning of curves, analysis of errors and trade-off between recall and precision
    Concepts of cross-validation

  • R Operators & R Decision Making

    Studying types of operators
    Defining Arithmetic & Relational Operators
    Logical & Assignment operators
    Miscellaneous operators
    What is R decision-making?
    Understanding R if statement
    R if..else statement
    Defining R switch statement

  • R Loops & R Function

    Loops – R repeat loop
    Loops – R while loop
    Loops – R for loop
    Loop control statement
    Statement – R break statement
    Statement – R next statement
    Functions in R
    Defining Built-in Functions
    User-Defined Function
    Lazy Evaluation of Function
    Loops and conditionals
    Understanding switch and break function
    Applying of functions
    Understanding apply, sapply, lapply, tapply, mapply
    Control Structures
    User defined functions
    Data Manipulation and Visualization using R
    Hypothesis Testing

  • R String & R Vectors

    Rules of string construction
    Understanding String manipulation
    R vectors & Vector creation
    Accessing vector elements
    Understanding Vector manipulation
    R list & Creation
    Name list elements
    Access list elements
    Manipulate list elements
    Merge lists
    Convert list to vector

  • R Arrays & R Factors

    Name columns and rows
    Access array elements
    Manipulate array elementsCalculate across array elements
    Studying R factors
    Understanding Factors in data frame
    Change the order of levels
    Generate factor levels

  • R Data Frames & R Packages

    How to extract data from data frame?
    Expanding data frame
    R packages & R data reshaping
    Joining columns & Rows in a data frame
    Merging data frames
    Understanding Melting & casting
    Melt & Cast the molten data
    Solving Statistical data in R
    Management of data with R
    R data structures Saving and loading
    Exploring data structure

  • R CSV files & R Excel Files

    Getting & Setting the working directory
    Input as CSV file
    Read a CSV file
    Analyse CSV file
    Writing into CSV file
    Understanding R excel file
    Installing xlsx package
    Verify & Load xlsx file
    Input as xlsx file
    Reading the Excel File
    Data import and Data Export

  • R Binary Files & R – XML Files

    Toggle ContentWrite the binary file
    Read the binary file
    Understanding R – XML Files
    Reading XML File
    Understanding first node
    XML to data frame
    Studying R JSON file
    Install RJSON Package
    What is Input data
    Read the JSON File
    Convert JSON to Data Frame

  • R Web Data

    Studying R Data bases
    Understanding RMySQL Package
    How to connect R to MySQL?
    Querying the tables
    Query with filter clause
    How to update rows in the table?
    How to insert data into tables?
    How to create tables in MySQL?
    Dropping Table in MySQL

  • R Pie-Charts, R Bar Charts, R Boxplots

    Defining Pie-charts Title & Colour
    Slice percentages & chart legend
    Understanding 3D pie chart & R bar charts
    Bar chart labels, title & colours
    Group bar chart & stacked bar chart
    R boxplots & creating the boxplots
    Understanding Boxplots with notch

  • R Histograms, R Line Graphs, R Scatterplots

    Range of X and Y values
    Line chart title, colour & labels
    Understanding Multiple lines in a line chart
    Create the scatterplots
    Studying Scatterplot matrices
    Model of Measurement of Central Tendency
    Defining numeric data with uniform and normal distributions
    R mean, median, & mode
    Studying Mean
    Applying trim option
    Applying NA option
    Measurement of spread in variance and standard deviation
    Visualization of numeric variables in boxplots
    Visualization of numeric variables in histograms
    Visualization of Relationships between Scatterplots

  • R Regression

    Studying R Linear Regression
    Steps to establish a regression
    Understanding Im() Function
    Defining Predict () Function
    R multiple regression
    Understanding Im() Function
    Studying R logistic Regression
    Create regression model

  • R Distribution

    Studying R normal distribution
    Understanding dnorm ()
    Defining pnorm ()
    What is qnorm ()
    What is rnorm ()
    R binomial distribution
    What is dbinom ()
    Understanding pbinom ()
    What is qbinom ()
    Defining rbinom ()
    Studying R poisson regression
    R analysis of covariance

  • R Time Series Analysis

    Different time intervals
    Multiple time series
    R nonlinear least square
    Studying R Decision Tree
    What is R Random Forest?
    Install r package
    Defining R random forest
    Install r package
    R Survival Analysis
    R chi square Test

  • Machine Learning using R

    ML Common Use Case
    Understanding Supervised and Unsupervised Techniques
    Defining Clustering
    Studying Similarity Metrics
    Types of Distance Measure: Euclidean
    Studying Cosine Measures
    Creation of predictive models
    Classification using nearest neighbours

  • Predictions and Case Studies

    Statistical Model Building
    Validation and Prediction
    Use of statistical models for predictions
    Case studies

  • Data Science Course with R Programming Course Price: 25999* INR

    Best R Programming Training Institute in Pune

    Ad2Brand conducts quality training in data science courses and is the best R Programming Training Institute in Pune. Ad2Brand’s R Programming training program is a sure-shot way of making you an expert in using the Analytics tool for data analysis purpose. R Programming is an open source analytics tool used for Data Analysis at different stages in your professional life. It is beneficial for all, including students wanting to explore a career in Data Analytics, Managers for ease in business decision-making or any Professional who would like to draw valuable data insights and make their career towards cutting edge technologies. This data science course is also very useful for data miners and statisticians. R Programming skills are in demand and also fetching handsome salary packages.

    Learn R Programming with Ad2Brand, we have a strong team of mentors and faculty extremely skilled in their areas of expertise offering online, classroom, corporate and customer training programs. Our highly-educated and industry-experienced training professionals make sure to impart you with best knowledge and hands-on practical training so that you get an exposure of the real world. We have well-equipped training rooms having all the facilities to deliver top class training. Ad2Brand's R Programming Course covers all basic & advanced concepts of R Programming like: R basics, reading and analyzing data, data visualization, data mining, clustering, classification and more.

    Data Science course with R at Ad2Brand has been designed in the best possible way to cover all R-concepts and give you an insight into every detail of the language. Certified Data Analysts having good hands-on skills on Analytics Tools are in great demand in the industry and global market today to tackle huge amounts of data across multiple business verticals.

    R Programming is a good tool for data analytics having a dynamic interface to absorb new developments, hence, learning this tool can be beneficial for you. We provide you with all services including pre-training material, interview questions preparation, customized learning plan and course completion certificate. Gain your statistical R programming language knowledge and skills by undergoing quality training program at our R Programming Training Institute in Pune and become the finest Business/Data Analyst. You can positively walk into our training institute located at Pimple Saudagar or contact us for a better understanding of courses, trainings, our outlook and to understand which one suits you the best. We offer varied variety of services for an organizations digital needs and are headed in the direction of our organizational vision and mission...



  • What are the job opportunities after learning the Data science course with R Programming?

    You can look or a role of a Data Scientist which is same as the role of a Business Analyst, Data science programmer or developer and Business intelligence related profiles . Generally a Data scientist is responsible or working with complex data extracted from Hadoop environments and needs to have good knowledge of business, data, SAS, SPSS and data analytics tools and languages like R Programming. Our data science course is also good for starters as well as advance knowledge covering all topics right from the basic level. A lot of job opportunities also depend upon your background and past experience, however, sincere efforts put into attaining all the knowledge base from the course learnings will surely promise a bright future.

  • How important is R Programming today?

    Big data is growing massively and so is the need for it’s analysis which has created plenty of job opportunities for Data Scientists with good skills in important Data Analysis tools and techniques. R programming is about 70% percent widely used tool from among all the Data analytics tools and languages because it is an open source free software easily extendable with lots of packages. Due to these reasons R Programming is an important skill acquired in the Data Science field of study.

  • Should I opt for Data Science Field and technologies as a career?

    Harvard Business Review tags Data Science as 21st century’s sexiest job title. With the boom in internet based market and more and more usage of gadgets, data is produced in voluminous quantities. No business decision can be taken without analyzing this data and extracting important facts from it which is the work of a Data Scientist. You can take benefits of this technology boom cycle by undergoing the Data Science course and learning to handle and understand data using important tools and languages like R Programming. However, you should have an interest in mathematics and statistics and be ready to quickly adapt the crucial concepts of this growing sector.

  • What level of skills will I attain after completion of this course with Ad2Brand?

    After completing your course with Ad2Brand, you can expect to be equipped with all necessary basic foundational as well as advanced concepts of R Programming and Data Science, theories of the most widely used algorithms, data manipulations, statistics and logics and hands-on experience of a Data scientist’s work, fit to apply for a good job role with a good package.

  • What is the duration of R Programming course?

    The course will stretch over a period of 3 months.

  • Can I attend demo session before joining the data science course and will I get placement assistance?

    You can attend a demo session to understand the subject, see the quality of training and interact with the trainer regarding queries to decide your career path. We at Ad2Brand ensure to give you the best training experience with top content and trainers, we also prepare you for interviews and resume preparation and equip you with the best skills in the subject of learning. However, getting the job will depend upon your presentation of skills at the time of interview.

  • Who are the trainers conducting R Programming course?

    We have reliable and knowledgeable trainers who are the best in the industry qualified with in depth skills, certifications and experience.

  • Why should I learn R Programming from Ad2Brand?

    Ad2Brand’s R Programming course is comprehensive and detailed, covering industry-exposure and important hands-on projects. You will learn statistics, reporting , functions, data structures, variables, control flow , graphical representation and much more. Upon completion you will get R Certification and expert skillset in R Programming.

  • If I find any difficulty in grasping topics, will I get any extra support sessions from instructors?

    Doubt clearance and resolution of queries is given utmost importance at Ad2Brand. You can raise n number of queries until you get a clear answers for your questions. Our trainers make sure to give individual attention to all students and one-on-one sessions can be arranged with trainers during as well as after completion of the training to get help on the needed topic. Also we make sure to maintain a limited number of students per class to maintain the quality of training and knowledge imparted.

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