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Python Training Course

Python is an object-oriented, high level programming language that is suitable for both complex and simple development projects. Python language has dominated the charts for "Most Popular Coding Languages" by being among the top few for years in a row. Python, as a programming language, has emerged as one of the favourites with the programmers because of which python training can be very useful for you.

There are several reasons behind it:

  • Python is easy to understand and use
  • Its’ syntax is simple, providing high readability
  • Python enhances productivity and it is generally deployed in IT projects
  • Debugging is easy is Python projects and the debug cycle takes relatively lesser time in Python.
  • Python supports multiple programming paradigms including imperative, functional, and procedural programming
  • Programmers like Python because it enhances their programming abilities.

  • People are opting for Python because of the above mentioned points and also because:

  • There are “16543 Python Jobs on, India's No.1 Job Portal”
  • There are innumerable Python jobs not only in India, but across the globe.
  • Python is leading the charts and it has been regularly accredited the “most popular coding language”

  • What we cover in the Python Training Course?

    In Python Training, you will learn about Python installation, Python data types, core objects, conditional statements, loops, UDF Functions, file handling, exception handling, error debugging, machine learning, panda scikit, flow control, command line arguments, variables, strings, numeric types and operators.

  • Hands-on training sessions with practical examples
  • Live projects with Lab assistance
  • Placement Opportunities and Career Enhancement Programs

  • Who should opt for Python Programming Training Course?


  • A student with an IT dream can take up Python training and learn Python Programming Language.
  • Anyone who wants to be associated with the techgiants such as Google, YouTube, Mozilla, Dropbox can opt for this course because all such companies use Python for their programming & development projects.
  • Working professionals such as Automation Engineers, Data analysts, Data scientists, Web Developers, Networking Professionals, Software Developers, Hadoop programmers, System Administrators, Desktop Applications, Robotics Engineers, Hardware level developers, and UNIX/NT power users can enrol for this course.

  • Prerequisites or the required skill set

  • Basic of UNIX or Windows
  • We also offer other course trainings in Data Analytics tools & technologies..


  • Introducing Python

    Definition of Python Python, its History and Growing Popularity Features of Python & Functionality Python 2 and Python 3 Python Environment for Development Setup Steps to Python Installation IDEs: IDLE, Enthought Canopy and Pscharm Running a Python Script How to write a Python Program? Python Scripts on UNIX Python Scripts on Windows Install python on Ubuntu-based Machines Interactive Shell Programming Identifiers and Keywords of Python Dent in Python Comments and Writing for Screen Flow Control and Command Line Arguments Input of user Branching Programs Control Structures Iteration

  • Python Data Types & Core Objects

    Understanding Python Data Types
    Core Objects of Python
    Functions, Scoping & Abstraction
    Built-in Functions Definition
    Global Variables
    String Variables
    Numeric Types
    Boolean Variables
    Structured Types
    Mutability & Higher-Order Functions
    Object and None Object of Boolean
    Object and Operations of Tuple
    Dictionary Object and Operations
    Types of Variables and Dictionary
    Variables Comparison
    Methods of Dictionary and Manipulations
    Logical Operators
    Data Structures and Data Processing
    Arithmetic Operations & Numeric Values
    Operators and Keywords for Sequences

  • Conditional Statements, Loops, & UDF Functions

    What are Conditional Statements?
    Continue Statements and Break Statements
    Defining if & else block using Indentations
    Python Loops
    Demo-Create, While, Nested Loops
    Controlling Loops
    Objects: Sequence and Iterable
    UDF Functions
    Objectives & Types of Functions
    UDF Functions & their Parameters
    Named and unnamed Parameters
    Creating and Calling Functions
    Python user Defined Functions
    Functions of Python packages
    Anonymous Lambda Function
    String Object Functions
    Functions: List and Tuple Object
    Functions: Dictionary Object
    Tuple Unpacking

  • Python Packages and File Handling

    Python Inbuilt Modules
    Types of Modules
    Random, os, time, sys, date time, zip modules
    Creating Python User Defined Modules
    Studying Python path
    Python Packages
    Initialization of init File and Package
    File Handling with Python
    Processing Text Files using Python
    Appending File Objects & Read/Write
    Test Operations & os.path

  • Object-Oriented Programming in Python & Exception Handling

    Object-Oriented Programming
    Classes, Objects, and Initializers
    Built-In Class Attributes
    Destroying Objects
    Studying Methods
    Instance, Class, Static, Private methods, and Inheritance
    What is Data Hiding?
    Reloading modules and Module Aliases
    Handling of Python Exceptions
    Standard Exception Hierarchy
    .. except…else & .. finally…clause
    Self-Exception Class
    User-defined Exceptions

  • Error Debugging and Regular Expressions

    Debugging Errors & Unit Tests
    Skeleton of Project
    Creation and Use of Skeleton
    Using pdb debugger
    How to use Pycharm Debugger?
    Asserting Statement for Debugging
    How to use UnitTest Framework for Testing?
    Black Box and Glass Box
    Regular Expressions
    Match Function VS Search Function
    Match and Search, Compile and Match
    Search and Replace
    Extended Regular Expressions
    What are Wildcard Characters?

  • Fundamentals of Database Interaction with Python

    Creating Database using SQLite
    CRUD Operations
    Python MySQL Database Access
    Create, Insert, Read, Update, Delete
    DML and DDL
    Performing the Transactions
    Handling the Database Errors
    Examining Disconnecting Database

  • Machine Learning in Python

    Learning of machine with Python
    What is Machine Learning?
    Implementing Machine Learning
    Studying NumPy and Scipy
    Study of Supervised or Unsupervised Learning & Classification
    Classification and k-Nearest Neighbours (kNN)
    Building & Testing Classifier
    Performance of the Classifier
    Clustering Problem & k-Means Clustering

  • Panda, Scikit, and Parallelism

    What is Panda in Python?
    Creating and Manipulating Data of pandas
    Creating the Data Frames
    Grouping, Sorting, Plotting Data
    Understanding Scikit-Learn
    Scikit-Learn Algorithms
    Learning Parallelism
    Defining Multithreading in Python
    Creating threads with Parameters
    Demon & Non-Demon Processes
    Multiprocessing in Python

  • Terminal Apps

    Defining terminal apps
    Why to write terminal apps?
    Greeter – A simple terminal app
    Screen Clearing
    A Persistent Title Bar
    The sleep() function
    A slowly disappearing title bar
    Reducing repeated code
    Building Greeter
    Basic Pickling Exercises
    Pickling in Greeter
    Overall Exercises
    Overall Challenges

  • CGI, Database, & Networking

    CGI: Introduction & Architecture
    CGI Environment Variable
    GET & POST Methods
    Cookies & File Upload
    Database: Introduction & Connections
    How to execute Queries?
    Transactions & Error Handling
    Networking: Socket & Socket Module
    Methods: Client & Server
    Internet Modules
    Res and Python
    Plotting using PyLab

  • Multithreading & GUI Programming

    Defining Thread
    Starting a Thread
    Defining Threading Module
    How to Synchronize Threads
    Threads & Processes
    Chat Application
    Multithreaded Priority Queue
    Security: Encryption & Decryption
    Classical Cyphers
    GUI Programming Essentials
    Drawing Using Turtle
    Tkinter Programming & Widgets
    Python & other GUIs

  • Data Science Course with Python Programming Course Price: 14999* INR

    Best Python Training Institute in Pune

    Ad2Brand’s Python training course will give you an in-depth understanding of Python Programming Language, which is a widely used powerful object-oriented programming language. Our Python course is designed to deliver knowledge on all the basic & advanced Python programming concepts like Machine learning algorithms, Hadoop streaming, MapReduce concepts, data types, file operations, OOP concepts and much more.

    Python Scripting is very useful for the data analytics domain as it can run on multiple operating systems. It is used by big players like Google, Yahoo, NASA for their operations as it is a wholesome language that can do end-to-end web development. Python programming is very easy to learn and cuts down the development time because of its simple syntax, high-readability, built-in debugger, libraries for data manipulation and other features. Python is considered to be the ‘Next Big Thing’ and has become a necessity for people working in the data analytics domain. This shows that career opportunities in Python Programming are manifold. We provide hands-on training in setting up the Python Environment.

    As the demand for Python professionals is increasing, Ad2Brand has designed its course fully to serve the job requirements and market standards. Ad2Brand’s Python training institute in Pune is well equipped to deliver quality training and enhance your skill set. This course can be taken up by ETL professionals, Big Data Analysts, Managers, Software Developers and anyone wanting a career in Python. Having knowledge in the concepts of basic programming language can be an added advantage to learn and implement faster. We have tech-savvy trainers who are experienced in the industry and have strong level of expertise in Python programming concepts. We undertake this training in 3 stages: pre-training, training and post-training phase. In Pre-Training, we would be brushing up your programming language basic concepts and give you a new career perspective.

    This is followed by the Training phase where intensive knowledge would be given on the selected course area, lastly the Post-Training phase focuses on resume and interview preparations. Python training courses at Ad2Brand in Pimple Saudagar are interactive and designed in a way to transfer hands-on expertise to every trainee in all the concepts of Python programming language. Ad2Brand is the best Python Scripting Training Institute in Pune offering best python classes and also a Consultancy providing top-notch services to online businesses.


  • Why should I take up the Python course from Ad2Brand?

    Python is one of the best programming languages and our python training program will give you hands-on experience in mastering all basic as well as advanced concepts of Python programming such as MapReduce, machine learning, Scikit and scipy python packages and more. Our curriculum is designed by industry experts and you will be working on real time python projects as well as assignments. Upon course completion, you will be given the course completion certificate and you will be confident enough to apply for the best jobs in the industry with top salary packages.

  • Can I attend demo session before joining the python training and will I get any placement assistance?

    You can attend a demo session to understand the subject, see the quality of training and interact with the trainer regarding queries to decide your career path. We at Ad2Brand ensure to give you the best training experience with top content and trainers, we also prepare you for interviews and resume preparation and equip you with the best skills in the subject of learning. However, getting the job will depend upon your presentation of skills at the time of interview.

  • If I find any difficulty in grasping topics, will I get any extra support sessions from instructors?

    Doubt clearance and resolution of queries is given utmost importance at Ad2Brand. You can raise n number of queries until you get a clear answers for your questions. Our trainers make sure to give individual attention to all students and one-on-one sessions can be arranged with trainers during as well as after completion of the training to get help on the needed topic. Also we make sure to maintain a limited number of students per class to maintain the quality of training and knowledge imparted.

  • Who are the trainers conducting Python Programming course?

    We have reliable and knowledgeable trainers who are the best in the industry qualified with indepth skills, certifications and experience, conducting the python training program.

  • What is the Python course completion time?

    The python training duration is of 2 months.

  • What can i expect after course completion?

    Upon dedicatedly learning all the course material and hands-on practice, you will gain expertise and knowledge in advanced concepts of Python Automation as well as Data Science with Python and feel confident enough to crack python interviews to get expected jobs in data science industry.

  • Why Ad2brand is the best Python scripting training institute in Pune.

    Certified Trainers

    We at Ad2Brand have expert globally certified faculty having industry exposure imparting the best practical knowledge to students.

    6000+ Placements

    We provide full placement support right from interview preparation to sending your cv to the best companies as a kickstart to your career.

    Job Oriented Training

    Our training is focused on hands-on knowledge and real time projects. Get practical knowledge by learning from industry best experts.

    Certification Preparation

    Our training courses cover all areas to make you skilled to clear globally recognized certifications in python.Get the best jobs in this industry.

    Dedicated Training Cell

    We have a dedicated training cell with all facilities to deliver successful training programs. We aim to impart the best knowledge through quality trainings.

    Video Lectures

    We conduct quality and informative sessions with expert professionals, you also get a life time access to rich learning video lectures.

    Interactive classes

    Our trainers make sure to engage students and make the sessions interesting as well as interactive for better knowledge transition and understanding.


    Our aim is to make successful professionals skilled enough to get good jobs in data science and we conduct regular doubt clearing sessions.

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