Since the COVID-19 pandemic attacked the world, and the consequent lockdown, it is showing impact on customer’s buying behavior. Many of the businesses have moved online. As a result, digital marketing has become important like like never before.

It has become vital to be attentive to the shifting needs of consumers to retain your existing consumer base. Due to the lockdown, the amount of time people spend at home has increased, and naturally, this has resulted in the drastic increase in the time people spend on the social media.
So the best alternative for your business to stay ahead and grow is to accept the existence of the internet and me active on the internet as much as possible.

With growing digitization, people and products have become more approachable. The Covid-19 pandemic has made people think dynamically about their spendings and digital shopping.

Coronavirus has compelled consumers to change the way they preferred shopping. Around 60% of the customers said that they avoid going to the store due to the fear of getting infected by the coronavirus and that they have started ordering all the necessary goods from the online shopping platforms. As per some survey results, 90% of the consumers have changed their shopping habits. And more than half of the customers have changed their traditional shopping practices by shopping online.

Additionally, according to a survey, 59% of the consumers stated that they bought more gifts online during the holiday season of the year 2020 and 45% said that they bought most of the gifts online.

Even after recovering from this pandemic, these changes regarding consumer behaviour and digitization are going to last. So this epidemic has resulted in an increased inclination towards digital adoption.

The pandemic has turned digitization from a “nice to have” to a “must-have” for many businesses, forcing them to adapt and modernize their operations quickly in order to keep their operations running.

So, it’s time for the businesses and organizations to create better connections with their consumers by targeting them with the right message at the right time and bring them the right product, pricing and experiences.

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