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I presume, I am not wrong if I say – We as Digital marketers are under tremendous pressure to meet market demands of implementing new technologies along with creating new ideas. 

In the world of digitization “Cloud” is the major buzzword. In fact, Cisco forecasts cloud traffic will represent 92 percent of all data center network traffic in the near future.

 One of the emerging Cloud technologies is – GCP (Google Cloud Platform). Isn’t it interesting that GCP is (As Wikipedia quotes it) – “a suite of cloud computing services that runs on the same infrastructure that Google uses internally for its end-user products.”  

The Google Cloud is similar to the ones we use for our personal stuff like photos, calendar, texts, etc. but on a larger scale. And instead of working for individuals, it works for large-scale businesses and enterprises. 

Now, wouldn’t it be wise of us to use this ‘buzz’ that is created to benefit us in the field of Digital Marketing? 

In this concern, Google Cloud has the potential to help us meet the current business needs, at very affordable cost.    

It provides us with huge set of management tools, along with data storage, data analytics and machine learning capabilities. And all this sets to a growing trend in Cloud technology.

So let’s dig deeper to know what Google can do for us.

GCP Data Management

One of the major challenges for digital marketers is promoting products and services online because they cannot come face-to-face with potential buyers. Therefore, it becomes very necessary to know our audience. 

Data Storage provided by Google Cloud benefits the marketers vividly in this direction. The trends and patterns of the audience is obtained from extremely large data sets – what we are talking here is our Big data (for example Google AdWords, DoubleClick) and we can agree that it offers extremely valuable information.     

The Cloud platform offers marketers to access the data storage easily and on cost-effective basis and not to forget the flexibility of accessing the data anywhere at any time which makes the remote work possible. When it comes to managing the data from different channels, this could be a game changer.

GCP – BigQuery Data

The place where all the complex datasets go live on Google cloud is BigQuery.

As Google calls it -” collective home for all analytical data in an organization.”

How does it help? Well, for starters we can cut out the time and money designated to manage the data and instead focus and invest on providing insights to the data.

We can move all the data from different platforms may it be AdWords, YouTube, DoubleClick into BigQuery where we can monitor all the information in one central dashboard.

And do you know the best part? We do not have to even do it ourselves!

There is BigQuery Transfer Service to do the job for us. It moves all the data from the Google’s largest advertising platforms into BigQuery on a scheduled basis.

It does not stop here. Users of Google Analytics 360 can have direct connectivity to BigQuery which helps us load mobile traffic and web traffic data too.

How about the major part of the data that is coming from Facebook, Twitter, Mailchimp, Salesforce, etc.?

Good News: BigQuery can accommodate this too!

And in case there are any doubts while reading the reports provided by BigQuery, we can always use Google’s Data Studio to have self-explained and easy to understand data visualization. So, let’s start controlling costs, optimizing storage and performances.

Google Cloud AI and ML

Now, this is where Google Cloud gets really awesome!

Intelligent Bots, Digital Assistants and apps, all these AI tools are being used by Digital Marketers.

And I hope you are aware, that it’s pretty cool and kind of big deal right now.

AI and ML are playing a great role in customer engagement and acquisition therefore it is necessary for us to understand our customers and their response better in real time. Machine Learning is a big part of optimizing search results, powering Google Assistants etc.

TPU – Tensor Processing Unit was designed in this regard in order to accelerate Machine Learning. And, TPU is not limited to Google and is now considered to be one of the leading platforms to build AI software. Since, TPU is cloud-based it provides to build and test ML capabilities. We can greatly improve our brand features like chat and voice analysis efficiently.

Google Cloud and Natural Language Processing

 Different audience use different channels and it becomes very important for us to meet and connect to our audience accordingly. 

And increasingly, AI powered chatbots and Voice searches have set the new trend.

There are some tools provided by Google to keep up with the trend and provide conversations as human as possible. For example, DialogFlow.

DialogFlow helps us to connect with users on our websites, mobile apps, Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, Facebook Messenger, etc.

To sum it up, it allows us to build “one great conversational experience powered by AI and ML”.

To take a step further, you can even perform sentiment analysis on a block of text entered into Google or detailed information extracted from email, chat or social media.

Cool? Oh, I definitely think so.

Let’s Wrap Up

There is still so much that Google Cloud can do for us like Google Cloud Vision API, Video API where we can gain key insights into images and videos, lets us to extract metadata from the videos where in you can search any part of the video just like a text document and what not!

It provides us with far reaching capabilities and impressive tools. Well, this is just the beginning. The above is just an insight of what impressive tools and far reaching capabilities Google has. It is now up to us to make the best use of it and give the final push to make our audience take the desirable action.

It is always, Right Time, Right Place, Right Content.

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