7 standard kinds of blog posts assured to boost traffic

While talking about blog posts, not all sorts of content formats are produced alike.

In addition to that, more than 500 million blogs out there all competing for response & it’s getting tougher and tougher to show up amongst the noise. 

In order for a blog to be effective nowadays, it calls for more than just shareable images or tempting headlines. Though these fundamentals are unquestionably significant, writing blog posts that appeal to the exact kind of reader necessitates vigilant ideation, optimization, and outreach.

Luckily, SEO content is not something out of the blue. No matter whether you’re stressed with content notions or eyeing to monetize your ideas well, below are the seven most standard kinds of posts that will assist your blog achieve improved grip and drive traffic to your site.

The reason why search intent matters

Before AD2BRAND helps you to recognize the blog post categories already confirmed to provide results, we must primarily talk about search intent. If you are unaware of what search intent is, search intent is the why behindhand a detailed search.   

Each type of search comes under one (or several) intention kinds:

1. Informational intent

The search user needs to acquire knowledge to some degree. Though this type of search classically includes terms like “how-to,” “what is,” or “who,” not all informational searches are modelled as questions (for instance, JFK International Airport guidelines).

2. Navigational intent

The search user desires to browse a particular site. Individuals would relatively ask a search engine than key in the full web address in the URL bar as they may be uncertain of the particular website. Illustrations include “Facebook” or “WestIn contact number.”

3. Transactional intent

The search user wishes to buy something. A transactional intent characteristically implies that the search user is wallet-ready. They’re just considering for a website to make a procurement. Classic search probes include “buy iPhone 12,” “spa package,” and “MacBook air cheap.”

4. Commercial investigation

The search user has the intention to buy but is still at the research stage. People performing these types of searches require more information about the product or service that they have an interest in buying. 

They hunt for keywords like “top restaurant in New York” or “best android phone” to link a specific merchandise or service.

By absorbing the specific motive behindhand a search, you can improve your blog post for the correct search terms. And as soon as the accurate type of seeker finds your content, your blog can create pertinent and targeted traffic.

The way to target search intent with your blog 

With Google’s eternal aim dedicated on providing the maximum applicable information for a search query, lining up your content with your viewers search intent permits your blog to rank high for related search results.

For SEO success, applicability is a fundamental belief not to be unnoticed.

So in what manner can you deduce search intent and generate content that drives significant traffic prospect?

The answer lies in the search query only.

For instance, let’s look at the search query “how to bake a cake”. Just for those keywords, it may seem like the search has informational bent on. But, don’t just presume search intent. A speedy method to authorize the specific purpose of a search is by carrying out a Google search.

By punching in your keywords into Google’s search, which in this event is “how to bake a cake,” it’s obvious from the results that consumers are eyeing for cake recipe ideas and baking guidelines. In order to rank competitively more in this sort of search intent, you must pay attention to your content around a how-to post or a list article. 

These days we have a better hold of search intent and its part in content creation, let’s gaze at the most popular blog post ideas that you can use today to start producing high-quality content.

Seven blog post concepts that provide valued, appealing content

Are you ready to put virtual pen to paper? Take the reasoning out of content ideation with these top-ranking content ideas.

1. Tutorials & How-tos

With more than 75% of all Google hunts being information oriented, tutorial posts and how-to are a primary for any blog, no matter whatever your niche or industry you cater. As the objective of a how-to guide or tutorial is to resolve a problem, browser of your article will be additionally motivated to capitalize in your product or service.

And as you’re an expert in your business, how-to type content are modest methods to join with your spectators and create trustworthiness while exhibiting your expertise.

To make the most of the usefulness of these kinds of post ideas, ensure to contain visuals like pictures and videos in your articles. Not only do graphics enhance the content, but they also aid readers grasp the information delivered better.

Readers are also more enthusiastic to take action when content is laidback to process.

A great specimen of how-to content is Ann Smarty’s blog post, “Google’s featured snippets: How to get your YouTube video featured in Google.” 

2. Listicles

List articles also known as listicles are yet another content powerhouse that facilitate to streamline information. Just to understand how powerful are list articles? 

In an evaluation between list-based articles and non-list articles, SEMrush discovered that the existence of lists lead to 4x more traffic and 2x more social shares. What’s more in store, 36% of readers are more probable to hit it off on an article with list headlines. 

With content characteristically arranged as a numbered list, readers can swiftly devour the content of your list posts. It being effortlessly consumable also aids readers better share the post and take an action on the information.

Similar to how-to guides, list-style articles can be a convenient tool for informational intent, as well as transactional intent and viable investigation.

3. Case studies

A case study post is a extremely appreciated marketing and brand promotional tool. In B2B marketing, case studies can offer the succeeding five benefits:

  • Showcase the perceptible worth of your product and capabilities
  • Highlight in what manner your product resolute customer pain points
  • Create credibility with actual customers
  • Offer social proof for probable customers
  • Discover your brand evangelists 

In numerous content marketing surveys, B2B marketers acknowledged customer testimonials (89%) and case studies (88%) as being the most operative content marketing tools for lead generation. And three-quarters of B2B marketers discovered case studies augmented leads over later stages of the funnel faster than any other content marketing format. 

To understand the influence of case studies, construct your procedure from task or problem to probable solutions and, lastly, the results and conclusion. Here’s a fabulous SEO case study specimen showing off this structure without being dull or drab.

4. Forecasts and inclinations

The wisdom of penning down posts on upcoming trends is that you’re able to show your know-how and business understanding. What’s more, as people are continuously in search of advice or information about the succeeding market trend (commercial investigation), forecast posts can produce great reactions, and even stimulate debates.

Statistics by Ad2brand, a leading Digital Marketing Agency in Pune, established that limited people who often read blogs do so to study about a brand’s products. As an alternative, people normally read blogs for three reasons:

  • To absorb something novel
  • To be interested
  • To acquire information about news or trends in their industry

And when talking about content formats, more than 45% of bloggers have discovered trend pieces to be exceedingly prevalent among their readers. Forecast and inclination post ideas are only outpaced by lists (57%) and how-to articles (77%). 

5. Ultimate guides 

Ultimate guides are the utmost decisive blog posts that you can jot down. These kinds of long-form post ideas classically surpass 3,000 words. Some guides can even need as many as 10,000+ words to write commendably. 

So for what reason would you want to constrain to writing a thorough, all-inclusive blog post? Here are a limited profits to ultimate guides:

  • Yield evergreen content that generates traffic round the year
  • Sites you and your brand as a subject matter expert
  • Sign of applicability, which is significant to search intent
  • Delivers your brand with marketing campaign resources
  • Obtains added social shares, growing content engagement
  • Inflates keyword prospects

Nevertheless of the topic or forte, long-form content outpaces undersized blog posts. In a study done by AD2BRAND, a leading advertising agency, blog posts lengthier than 3,000 words had 77.2% more mentioning domains than short-form content.

Bloggers who tend to read long blogs experience 54% improved results and obtain 3x more traffic than blogs who only write up short content.

6. Interviews

Interview posts are a fabulous addition to any blog as it broaden your site’s horizons & blog content and releases some degree of pressure to content creation. Interviews allow your brand to:

  • Increase its influence
  • Widen its network
  • Produce more quality backlinks
  • Rise its authority
  • Expand its blog content

As an influencer outreach tool, interviews are unquestionably influential. With more than 65% of consumers doubting old-fashioned advertising, collaborative content like interviews permits your brand to spread and link with audiences in a more regular way.   

If your blog is comparatively new and you’re incompetent to appeal any influencers to interview, reflect upon writing expert round-up posts. Influencers are fond of participating in round-up posts as these offer them with prospects to prove their expertise.

Both post ideas can pay to more noteworthy blog traffic as influencers are more enthusiastic to share your content with their network.

7. Infographics

As images are additionally attention-grabbing than text, deliberate adding infographics to your blog content calendar. Infographics are not merely attractive or stimulating to read; they are also shared 3 times  more than any other type of content.

Definitely, infographics work superlative when skillfully designed. Luckily, there are many online infographic tools like Canva and Piktochart that empower you to generate stunning infographics at a freemium price.

Now that you have sufficient post ideas to make your content calendar fully packed, let’s have a look at precise on-page SEO elements that will help entice the right visitors to your blog.

Three on-page SEO features for better searchability

No matter, whether you’re looking forward to write a listicle, tutorial, or ultimate guide, embrace these three on-page SEO features into your content earlier than hitting publish.

1. Aim one or two medium-tail keywords

As the chief goal for any blog is to appeal an audience, keyword research is important. In the end, no content can contest in search results short of keyword research. If you are unaware of what your audience is searching for, how can you get your content in front of them?

Being there said that, however, don’t try to rank for short-head search terms like “chocolate cake.” These search standings are extremely competitive, making it problematic to rank high contrary to already established blogs. In its place, focus on medium-tail keywords like “chocolate pound cake recipe.”

Medium-tail keywords, like the earlier specimen, are more detailed than short-head terms. People using medium-tail keywords are more possible to read your content. They are also more interested to take action, ensuing in a positive communication with your brand.

Once you are through with your keyword research and have collected a list of medium-tail keywords, contain them into these important places in your blog post:

  • Title tag
  • Headers
  • URL
  • Meta description

You can also supplement your keywords into the body but don’t over-optimize your content. 

Over-optimization is a practice of keyword stuffing, which goes against Google’s guidelines. Just add your target keyword in the first 100 words of your article.

2. Link to chief pages

Internal links are hyperlinks that pin point to a dissimilar web page on the same domain. Internal links are an SEO best practice as it assists search engines discover and index applicable content. Visitors also make use of internal links to check out high-value pages, swelling site dwell time.

If you are linking internally, target for two to three links. Make use of a descriptive anchor text with keywords that are appropriate to the linked-to page. Another means of including more internal links to your blog post is by accumulating a related post section at the bottom of the page.

3. Boost images for extreme share ability

Blog posts that only surrounded by text are flat-out dull. Adding class images to your post better describes intricate information and makes your content extra appealing visually. As visuals stand out, images can improve the scan ability of your post knowingly.

But don’t just stuff pictures into your post and hit publish. Pictures can also be optimized for SEO, permitting your visuals to rank for Google Images. When optimizing images for search, ensure to:

  • Pen down a descriptive alt text with your keyword.
  • Keep check that the length of alt text is under 125 characters.
  • Contain your target keyword in the filename.
  • Wrap the image with a compressor for quicker load times.
  • Use exclusive images rather than stock imagery.
  • Use the appropriate file extension for your image.
  • Resize your image to optimum proportions.

Putting it in a Nutshell

By jotting down for relevant search intent and including these SEO best applies to your post ideas, your blog will get additional opportunities to be featured higher in search results. Higher visibility in search suggests increased organic traffic to your blog.

Post publishing your blog post, let the whole world know about it. Endorsing your content via AD2BRAND, the best advertising agency, can be done by sharing your post on social media, fetching in forums like Reddit, reaching out to influencers, and advertising over Facebook.

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