Setting an AI strategy to unlock the value of your data


Although the word AI is too often used and abused, there is enormous potential for machines to learn from data and gather insight. In all actuality, man-made intelligence is an inescapable advance in the improvement of enormous information examination which has started with elucidating results and has progressed to give prescient outcomes progressively.

Big data technology has been-and will remain-always full of stumbling blocks. This paper discusses the potential impediments to long-term value achieving through AI technologies and why data logistics are crucial for this.

The operational word is the venture and the excursion through information investigation have gained notoriety for rapidly making much progress based on steady advancement on a few fronts. As the outstanding burden changed from server farms to information lakes to AI and computer-based intelligence, the models of execution have moved from premises to the cloud to containerization, all the more as of late. The myriad algorithms and tools used also characterize constant change.


This journey is underpinned by the constant tension created by a company’s conflicting objectives. Clients (organizations with their chiefs, investigators and information researchers) need all information to be allowed to advance adaptability and development. The IT office must secure the information and execute the wellbeing and protection guidelines appropriate to them.

In this tension, containers are a common denominator. Holders have numerous alluring qualities – including transition, insignificant overhead and fast turn up – which are consolidated to improve new applications. The problem is that there is no personal data in containers.

This challenge involves tools and algorithms that will surely develop. The next test is to execute stateful applications. The authors observe that in the white paper by Google Machine Learning. The High-Interest Credit Card for Technical Debt it is difficult or impossible to implement isolated improvements by means of the entanglements created in ML models. This is because of the CACE principle called by the authors: everything changes.

With the main consistent change, something must be discovered that could last well into the not so distant of the excursion in information examination. It becomes more and more evident that data logistics are the best hope for long-term stability. The digital book “AI Coordinations” measures the significance of coordinations with the explanation that “90% of the exertion in fruitful AI doesn’t concern the calculation, models or adapting yet coordinations.” As a carrier of tools, while disregarding the data logistics, a data lake is virtually converted into a swamp over time. It does not matter how important logistics are.

Data logistics put data at the centre of attention. This may appear obvious and irrelevant, but the change represents a change in a paradigm from previous application-cantered architectures. Such data-centeredness creates a permanent basis for improvement, no matter how data, instruments or algorithms change, in increments and isolation.

Fabric means things different from each other, but at least the data structure must provide a robust, three-dimensional data logistics: 

(1) different types of data stored and streamed 

(2) from different sources/places for 

(3) permitted access by a different user group.

Most data types are now easily accommodated, but AI and ML will need more data (and possibly more) to produce the best results. The locations where data are stored and generated are increasingly spread across several clouds and the Internet of Things at the ever-deepening edge. Includes IT staff (data logistics in the data fabric), data scientists (algorithm creation) and business analysts and decision-makers (who are responsible for creating value for the organization) in various groups that need to cooperate.

The data fabric has four fundamental features to offer robust data logistics throughout all three dimensions. The architecture of the fabric must be extendable and scalable in the first place to enable it to grow and develop over time. While it is difficult to determine with any certainty whether such a versatility exists (and continues to be) in an architecture, good and bad characteristics can be found in the existing design. For example, it allows linear scalability to distribute all functions.

No metadata repository or governance dependence in a database should be created because it can reduce scalability and add to the bureaucratic burden as the fabric grows

Additionally, open access is supported by a wide range of open-source standards and applications. The fabric must serve a wide variety of apps, and a comprehensive set of APIs is required.


The Container Storage Interface is one of AI’s most powerful APIs. CSI defines the interface between the data fabric and the container orchestration layer and thus ensures the information persistence required to make containerized applications effective. Support for these and other APIs simplifies the achievement of a published/subscribe architecture, which can potentially be used in containerized microservices.

The fabric will help the storage, on the edges of the web and in the cloud, of data at several locations. It implies that the fabric has a global space in which data is processed and handled through physical sites. The fabric should also allow the distribution of metadata in all data stores, which can help to remove application-specific dependencies. Finally, it should help you control the location of all data and processing so that policies for performance optimization, cost containment and compliance with the applicable rules are implemented.

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